at  Hard Rock Cafe  in  Manchester   2010

1.  the Green   

2.  Queen

3.   X

4.  in  Manchester   from  UK

via   Hard Rock  cafe   Osaka, honmachi  from  JP   2010

5.  then  kitty  was  rock’in

6.  osaka  

via   Camden town , London  from  UK  2010

7.  then  i   jus  watched   Lady gaga  yellow  tee..

dog’s  police  (cont)   lol   by  gueen  (gucci yuzo)

american  divas  was  sing’in   on  pepsi cm.   nostalgic!   gradiator.

someone  was  sing’in  the tune  on  karaoke  ,  i  remembered…

amazing  stage  view   Radio gaga

his small  hips  is  jus  champion,  i  think..  haha

EMA 2011  thank  U    How  wonderful!

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